Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Devotion to Convention.

Date: 17.3.13


Square pegs never fit the round holes.

Round pegs always tease the square pegs.

Square pegs are cast if they try to be the round ones.

Round pegs will still criticize the square ones.

Either-or, that's for sure.

Society is mainstream or it Counters.

Labels and boxes, or boundaries contain

Ideas as long as you still agree.

Don't call yourself revolutionary

If your ideas merely counter the norm.

Don't call yourself a visionary

You're just another without the form.

The dream is not to fight - the goal is just to love!

The goal never was to bear - but rather it was to go above!

You do not have to go the motion - as long as you do have devotion.

If you are yourself then you must lose your devotion to convention!