Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 17.8.13


Imagine, you don't love yourself,

To think you've never been worth it.

Imagine thinking that you're cursed,

A castaway, pariah - strange!

Is society just this way?

Is it fair that they cast away?

Is it just to think they're lesser?

Is it easy to be banished?

Tell me, really, is your world better?

Do "deviants" threaten your life?

Your mainstream values, aren't they great?

The fact your mores ruin us?

Our voices are strong, though unheard.

Our will: great, despite suppression.

Our needs and thoughts may be ignored,

But know that we will rise again!

Know, that we are not alone,

We're human, we refuse your hate!

Know, though we are buried alive,

We won't change for your heart's evil!

Never, even though we quiver,

Never, even though we may lose,

Never, even though we're cast out,

Never, even though we may quit....

Will we choose to accept defeat!

When we quit, we'll always recoil.

And it's true, your laws reject us,

But we reject your hate, always!

Just society = inclusive.

‘One for all’, yes, and ‘all for one’.

Equal rights = love and acceptance.

A world we'll make, with you or not!