Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Something Out of Nothing.

Date: 11.12.12


The most resilient of all mankind are those who persevere.

These are the ones that choose to risk it all for their career.

These are the ones who fight with tooth and nail all for their dreams.

These are the ones who've failed the most, yet happened to succeed.

I only wish I could just be that one to find success.

The one with possibilities and find their mindset effortless.

If only I could dream and have the drive to change the world for me.

A promise I would make to God because I'd know true happiness.

What I would give and do to find that blessing in the dark.

What I would give and do to find myself just one way out.

The hole that is depression, though it's nothing but a pit,

A single day continues digging deeper I admit.

If only I could be that one, making something out of nothing,

I could reach the skies and find the cure for my own illness.

I could change the world, end war and hunger, no longer we're divided!

As I battle my own daily pit, all I can do is dream and fight for my own freedom.