Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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The Day.

Date: 26.12.13


I want to see the day when I can look at others in the eye.

I want to see the day that I can actually be myself.

I want to see the day where I don't need to dream for comfort.

I want to see the day when I can proudly say "Hooray!"

I want to know that feeling of sincere security.

I'd like to finally help myself so I can be of service.

I want to change the world so those like me don't have to worry.

I'd just like to know that my existence is really worth the wait.

I like to think that one day's probably going to be tomorrow

And I like to hope my suffering will finally end today.

I just like to think that maybe what I feel's not really real

But I do like to take denial as my full reality.

The worst part is that no one else who's there can even help me

But I feel as if I don't even have friends there anyway.

It's as if my whole existence is a trivial pursuit

And God just put me here to suffer - hope that no one follows suit.

They claim that I'm either faking or that I just want attention

And apparently I'm really "well-off" when that's just not reality.

I don't get the words of comfort - rather they just want me mute

And so what then? Do I find a gun, aim for my head, and shoot?!

If they only saw inside my mind - the darkness and the demons

Then maybe they would know exactly why I want to hide.

If only they could see the light, the pureness of my heart,

Then maybe they would see I'm worth the effort after all.

Buts and maybes are not real - to my dismay

Their acceptance isn't something for which I'm willing to pay.

I would rather live off nature - away from this society.

But the truth is that they'd like to see me there rather than here.