Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

Back to Home, 30.10.2013.

Time of Need.

Date: 30.10.13


There is no light,

And nothing's alright.

I just seem to bleed

It's my time of need.

Time wasted in wonder

When future comes yonder

The sun set so soon

On my silver spoon.

The light of the night

Just shows the dark's might.

But ahead of the fright,

Is another good night.

Though my soul is shattered

And life sucks indeed:

You can lean on me

At your time of need.

Afraid of the future

You just try to suture

The scars that afflict you

Those same hurt me too.

You try to be brave,

You try being strong,

Your fate looks grave

Still hold all along.

Though your soul is shattered

And life sucks indeed:

I leaned towards you

At my time of need.

We live a hard life,

Ones full of strife.

Should we catch live

Endeavor to survive?

We see those around,

The ones near the dawn.

But their hope was found,

With the strength to hold on.

Though our souls are shattered

And life sucks indeed:

They can lean on us

At their time of need.