Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Bring Pain to the Insane!

Date: 30.10.13


People have strange beliefs with strange customs and even stranger dogma.

Yet how come people fail to realize the leading demise from conformity?

The individual is a prized being and with that, they shall have no ceiling.

Each human is meant to roam free beyond the confines of their pedigree.

Despite the reasons for the borders, without the caution of the hoarders,

Though we were organized to be, I cannot conform to thee.

What is this I'm hearing that rewards will be endearing?

This insane rationale is not worth falling to disdain.

What can you truly gain from the matters of the pain?

Where are all the reasons for the sudden change of seasons?

How can you continue to go on with this false venue?

Why would you choose which of the sorry gents are truly rich?

If karma teaches anything it's that life isn't peaches.

There's war and famine everyone much more than you'd imagine.

Instead of falling to the hands of those marauding bands,

We should hold our hands in peace - "Bring Pain to the Insane!"