Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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These Days.

Date: 30.10.13


People these days will kill, deal, and steal to heal

The aches that they accumulate from trying to facilitate

Making a difference that ultimately tends to fail

So now they only want to save themselves from the disaster.

These days we must atone for all the hate that we create

These days we must work to prevent ourselves disaster.

These days we must try to try again to hope for better times

Because all these days eventually predict what's in our future!

We got preachers spewing out hate from the pulpits

While belittled men watch on the side wondering if

The world will ever change or if it only stays the same

And all I can say is that no change from this is so insane!

These days gone wrong so many ways

These days we need a difference

These days we need to leave the hate

Because these days predict the future!

There's no such thing as argument that isn't caused by hate

Since our ideals are all about making the world a place for us.

We talk about abortion rights and rights to marry those we love

But where's the talk of love and patience since we clearly need the peace?!

These days are filled without the love and our decisions take the haze

Of the intolerance and many people choose just to make a gaze

But what we really need to do is make the world a better place

If we have that desire to make the future all devoid of that wretched race.

"What you put in: you get out" is nothing that's too radical

It's actually the basis of decisions that made our existence.

So as the activists and pacifists we are, let's be persistent

Because in the end we'll make successful the resistance!