Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Something Else....

Date: 30.10.13


The reason for diversity is bringing back the unity

For everyone to love and cherish company of anyone.

Freedom never meant to be a tool to make yourself a fool

But rather, it was meant to gather us like a useful spool.

Freedom and diversity go hand in hand with liberty,

The rights individuality guarantees definitely.

The price of freedom is the fact that everyone is to be free,

The truth in justice is that you can't take my rights away from me.

If the truth in all will set you free, there's something I should let you know:

It's that we're all in one and one in all so let's just let the hatred go.

You can just ask anyone and they will all agree:

Fulfillment is when our goals are reached to the highest degree.

Life is full of questions, mostly answers never heard.

But asking why and taking chances top you on the herd.

The most successful in the world are those who are unique.

They set themselves apart since they work hard or just have chic.

Sometimes others just forget you have a heart and soul like them

And in the case you just can't help but feel insecure

When told you're something else....