Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Mr. Government.

Date: 30.10.13


It's a land of masters, bastards, and disasters

A place that's full of shame.

We find blame in everyone, in everything, and anything.

Someone's always just the reason for the treason every season!

Maybe there's no one to blame, not even just one being.

It's sad to think we can choose power, see wrong in power, then blame power.

Eventually, we see the "truth", that Mr. Government is just the root!

He's grown fat and powerful, we're powerless, and that is all.

We never seem to realize we've fed him junk like Mac & Cheese!

You vote in shadowed goons and don't expect corruption?

You're blind to what that ballot does, yet blame the ones who have become?

Please watch and learn because you yearn the proper way to be.

Let us feed Mr. Government the food for health we want to see!