Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Conspiracies & Aliens.

Date: 30.10.13


Crazy people, crazy things.

"Foolish ones" so many think.

Misunderstood oh how they would!

Misanthropic, maybe they should.

Conspiracies and aliens,

Misguided fools and legend,

Possible and maybe we,

I wonder, are the fooled.

Quite possibly we are the ones who are in need of waking up!

And maybe we're the same whose being deems us just way too inept!

There may be truth in all that's true but maybe it's all just half-true.

Or maybe, probably possibly, there's no real proof for those beliefs....

All that is known and should be known is propaganda goes both ways.

It seeks the feeble-minded and the intellectuals who blindly follow.

It tells us of conspiracies, of aliens, and enemies.

Then, it's too late to find out we've been duped into believing.