Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Empathy and I.

Date: 27.5.14


I see myself in faces that suffer under negative vices left to their own devices

The ones we choose to lose in order to uphold ridiculous standards on the others.

I see myself in the ones who persevere, and though they say you gain when you’re in pain reality states the duality where you are hurt or keep denial.

I’m often told that those like me are the scum of the earth, that I belong in the dirt.

I’m often treated as if I’m devoid of emotion so I avoid the commotion with solitude in another location.

And yet, I believe in equal treatment and equal rights since equal’s right and we have to fight!

And yet, I think that I can make things happen like fix the gap as our t-shirts dampen.

Since I’m the one, the broken one, my life revolves around rock bottom

And I’m one whose struggles and insecurities can rid the world of impurities that weaken our mankind.

I believe in a world where human wonder triumphs fear and doubt, the one without famine and drought!

If all humans are created equal then prosperity for all should be our sequel.