Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Closet Dreams.

Date: 30.5.14


I feel as if there’s no escape for the closet that once trapped me.

The pain that never goes away, it seems to add up every day

It’s something that’s too much for me - no I don’t want to let you see!

It’s everlasting either way no matter what you do or say.

Please, please allow me to be free for once at last!

Please just take me away ‐ lest my acts leave you aghast!

In shadows I will hide as I have no one to confide.

And though our paths may coincide there’s nothing that you can provide.

I know it in my heart that pain will make me so much stronger

But I can’t seem to tell if I can take it any longer!

There’s too much loneliness I feel to act like I can linger.

I wish that I could leave this place by the quick snap of a finger!

Since when I do ‐ I know it comes with better, grander tidings.

There’s nothing more that I would like than basking in my findings.

To rediscover everything, a world precious like diamond rings.

Alas, I’d gain my right to freedom. At last, I’d fly beyond my wings!