Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 31.5.14


The most bittersweet feeling can cause pain and healing,

It can either teach or impeach you.

And whether pessimist or optimist

It’s all duality in reality.

Nothing can be worse than the feeling of divorce

From the comfort of acceptance ‐ at its place social repentance.

You will feel as if to heal, that you must go try to repeal

The very notion that you caused which started all of this commotion.

But in the meantime loneliness will fill your days with emptiness

And you will grow in isolation while they leave you desolation.

Yet in the midst of all resistance you’ll continue to persist.

And you may find yourself alone but then at least you have a home.

Sometimes you’ll need to find your way to make sure that you do not stray

From what you find to be your mission so think over each decision!

Simply put it is not fair to punish those who chose to dare

But diligence requires patience with no hesitations.