Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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A Dream.

Date: 23.6.14


Sometimes I dream of silly things like freely scavenging or not doing a thing.

Other times I wonder how it would be like if I were to be "liked" or even optimized!

Many days I feel alone as if I am rejected or unwanted ‐ it’s just daunting!

Other days it’s like I’m free to just be me ‐ aren’t I lucky?

The optimist, he tells me to be playful and be thankful

While the pessimist will tell me everything I have is sorrowful.

I do not know the person in my head who I should listen to

But all I really want to say is maybe it’s not worth it.

Maybe "life" is not just mystery but a very subtle misery

That unchallenged only gives you pain until only your bones remain.

But is it really possible that life should have no meaning?

Or is it only probable that suffering’s the leaning?

Or maybe I’ve been hurt too much for someone there to love me.

And likely I obliterate the chance for you to know and see me.

I dream to heal my broken heart ‘til I’m no longer torn apart.

I pray to God to save my regions, though I cast out my religion.