Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 11.8.14


Sometimes crazy shit gets in my head

And stays unwavering,

It leaves me nearly half-dead

And barely breathing,

Then at the end of the day I’m all red

And rarely thinking.

But then I realize the power that I have,

The words that I can speak.

And now I know the impact I can have,

In the fight to heal the weak.

I realize my disabilities, yet know I have abilities

I know that I have struggled and I have been befuddled.

I have been torn apart but now I am left with a start.

I am stronger and yes, I’ll be for so much longer.

I don’t need to be fuckable to know that I’m worth it,

There’s no need to live my life by narrow definitions.

I don’t need to be powerful just to know I own it,

There’s no need for me to go affirm their own renditions.

"Ugly", "fugly", and "fag" do not describe my story.

The one for which I will never be sorry.

Calling me "retarded" will never douse my fire.

And actually, it only fuels up my desire.

I’m gonna change the world, at a time with every single word.

I will speak the truth, though it grinds to the tooth!