Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 12.6.16


Pride is an affront to the norms of society,

It serves to set me free.

Pride is the quilt of visions sown by those before me,

It created the future for us to be.

Pride only enables.

Hatred only disables.

Even in the darkness,

The hope, the light.

And in the vagueness,

Answers, and might.

What keeps us strong enough to fight?

The answer is pride.

What gives us power in the darkest hour?

The answer is pride.

Pride is our hope, our light.

Pride is, our fight.

Love is the answer,

Pride is the deed.

To get the power.

For what we need.

"What is equality?"

"What’s with inequity?"

"What’s with my privilege?"

"Why should I care?"

Apathy yields dead minds,

Dead souls,

Dead hearts,

Dead dreams.

Sympathy yields yearning,




Empathy yields thriving,




Pride yields peace,




For myself and others.

For you and me.

For us and we.

For they and them.

"Acceptance is an action."

And pride is the act.

Tolerance is mere inaction.

It is love that we need.

With the air that we breathe,

And the food that we eat.

We act and we speak,

To the future, our feat.

Pride for the world

Should be like pride for ourselves.

Pride for your fellow human

Should be above all else.