Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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That Special Feeling.

Date: 11.12.12


I miss that special feeling,

The one my heart beats for.

I miss when my heart's warming,

That's why I am the person who I am.

There seems to be that missing link,

The one for which I long.

This thing I cannot comprehend:

the reason why I can't feel strong.

I only hope that I will gain deliverance.

The only future I can think of has no ignorance.

I will not have to feel the shame or even that staunch pain,

The one that seems to fill my heart and soul without disdain.

Alas, there's nothing but the truth, that's all that will remain,

The days of this will disappear, the judgment will appear.

My life was deemed as worthless, successful as it was.

As long as I will live, I'll miss that special feeling.