Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 11-15.3.17


Rise up and lift others with you.

Rise up and lift the world with you.

Imagination’s no foolish dream,

Illuminations to make you scream,

And aspirations that go far yonder!

Beyond your comfort zone ‐

Away from what you know,

Explore a whole new world ‐

Amidst a great, deep rest,

Amidst the horrors of this earth,

Allow your mind to flourish

And innocence will come to nourish,

Make way for something new.

Renew, anew, I knew, and flew,

Away, unswayed, unscathed, amazed!

Eclectic, as a skeptic, but a critic,

Yet terrific, and prolific, unspecific.

I have risen! I am smitten!

It is written! I’ve been given

A new perspective, a new respect,

A brand new vision, I am renewed!

A taste of freedom, so hard to find,

A sense of wisdom, one I don’t mind.

A newfound hope from which it all derives.

The only thing that keeps my life alive.

Because I rise, I now can thrive

And not just hoping to survive. . . .

Imagine now, just to revive.

Imagine now, I am complete.