Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Colonized and Brutalized.

Date: 2.5.17, 13:53 - 3.5.17, 14:18


My planet,

Where is home?

To where do I belong

And what I won’t feel alone

Because we get along?

Inside me,

Is there hope?

Am I bound by the rope?

And will I never cope?

You never came around!

My world,


For me, the gravity

Of my thoughts, serenity.

They are strong, security

Shadowed, anonymity.

Please, just leave me be

To my eternity!

I must remain

And, thus, obtain,

Retain the things that make me.

I won’t comply

And, thus, imply

That faults, they lie beneath me.

When I’m alone,

When I am strong

When I’m alone,

Is it so wrong?

Society deceives me,

Yet, reclusion is beneath me.

They come with gifts of love

As if from those above.

Hurt, pain.

No gain.

Only disdain.

Fire, desire

Burns like the liar.

Sheep, asleep

Utter the smallest peep.

Appear, they come

And smear my name.

Disappear, they go

To make my planet mere.

To fight my madness, fear.

They brought their values,

Cleared my sanity

Of my insanity, thus

I lost humanity.