Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Roam free out the closet.

Date: 7.5.17, 15:00


Fresh out. You break free from your manmade prison.

Blinding. As the sunlight never ceases to pervade you.

Fresh air. You get to breathe deep breaths, finally.

Open. As your mind begins to run, run free.

Each step. You take in every single one in freedom.

In-depth. As the fast-pace of the world may evade you.

Explore. You are free to live the life you always wanted.

Ignore. The detractors who withhold you from your mission.

Find out. What you’ll see to be the meaning of your life.

Implore. Yourself as if you’ll see the end tomorrow.

For sure. A route that’s easy will be only fantasy

Devote. Yourself to building pathways to tomorrow.