Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 14.5.17, 17:31 - 15.5.17, 06:36


Systemic corruption.

Political eruption.

A kind of resurrection.

Alongside insurrection.

Albeit, the deceit the survival of the fittest.

So disregard the voices meant to bolster us, the voiceless.

Because social harmony is worth all the tyranny.

This society you seek without voices of the meek.

Thus, our future will come bleak, though appearance will be chic.

Without our firm affirmations, shook the core of your foundations.

But you worked so hard to shape us into pawns ‐ reality.

Disposable, in vanity you drove us to insanity.

Deprived us of humanity.

Your ideas’ gravity failed to see prosperity.