Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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My Mythology.

Date: 2017


Why is life

So filled with strife

Only to deplete of us our might?

Why does blight

Just seem so right

Irregardless what we write?

Why in hell,

Why do we dwell

On those who’d keep us in the cell?

Why confide

And why provide

For those who don’t take us for stride?

My self-determination

Regardless of the notions

In spite of every motion

That ends up in commotion

I believe in my own faith

The conception of my fate.

And whatever that I make

Will be worth it in the wake.

I progress

But may regress

And I digress

To get redress.

Allow myself

To love thy self

Since I was twelve

In love I delve.

I choose to fight

To me it’s right

With all my might,

The face of blight.