Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Only what I like.

Date: 8.3.13


My identity is everything, the every aspect that is me.

But who I am is not defined by any kind of stereotype.

I know I'm gay but that "lifestyle's" almost opposite for me.

And I'm also autistic, but there's nothing that disables me.

Still again I'm Asian but nothing scientific was logical for me.

And I may be shy, but that's no reason you should try to stipple me.

I may not be quite anything or everything you'd want of me.

But one thing you should know is that I'm only what I like.

I love the arts, those points of view just make me feel so very whimsical.

I also love to learn about the things that are political.

There's just something about the problems of our day

And so I make, I think, I theorize solutions all the way!

My craft is usually perceived as maybe being quite intelligent.

My thoughts are also viewed as very radical an element.

But what should be known is that for me it's only typical

Since I really truly really am - only what I like.