Christopher Sugatan Fornesa

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Date: 2017


I was told to be ashamed.

To accept would acknowledge deprivation.

But then I sought a different frame,

Accessed more information.

Now I accept my fate, embrace what’s mine,

And love myself, love what I’ve done,

And what I’ve accomplished,

Despite how I was admonished for who I am.

My present became my present ‐

But I know acceptance is a privilege.

And I understand the plight of millions ‐

Of those who suffer every day in

Closets, torment, open graves

And punished for a different taste.

Distaste for scents of hate,

Aromatic, veiled by "holy" praise

And rituals ‐ resultant ideologies

That justify the hate and bigotry

I saw surround me:

I chase the path to happiness

Which brought me joy and solace.

I accept responsibility

Burdened with identity,

Accepting the reality, the fact that

We must stick together in the margins

Just to marginally survive.

And in order just to thrive, we must have the drive,

The willingness to contrive beauty from our dire situation.